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FS#18218 — PrivateSQL programmed backup
Scheduled Maintenance Report for Web Cloud
You currently have the opportunity to program your PrivateSQL database dumps.

Some of you may be contacting us because you have realized, too late, that you have not implemented planned dumps and it would have been very useful.
That is why we will set up a daily programmed backup for everyone, for all databases.
These dumps are available in your manager, as well as those you launch in \"one-shot\".

The schedule of daily dumps will be calculated so that all of your scheduled backups are also distributed in time. Thus, over traffic spikes due to many dumps requested at the same time.
As such, you will not be able to change your scheduled backups. Please, make sure that the selected time is optimal to maintain the performance of your instance.

Non-programmed \"one-shot\" backups are always possible, this feature remains untouched.

The PrivateSQL \"Legacy\" are not affected by this change.

These changes will take place in 3 steps:

- Step 1, Tuesday, May 24th

. Activate scheduled backups for everyone.
. Dumps are available in your manager.
. The tab \"Planned backups\" of your manager is still there, but you do not see this new programmed backup. This is a temporary condition that will allow us to step back if we do not take the load. It's unlikely, but we prefer to take every precaution.
. Dumps have a 7-day retention (instead of 30 as at present). It allows us to update our storage infrastructure to support this new rise in volume.

- Step 2, week 21

. The \"Planned backups\" in your manager disappears, because the option is now enabled for everyone. For the time that your bases are dumped, go at your list of dumps, there you will find the time when the dump was made.

- Step 3, week 23

. Dump retention is increased.
Posted May 24, 2016 - 16:43 UTC